About us

ESCOM-Italy is the Italian regional section of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music          https://www.escom.org/society-regions.html

Italian section gathers empirical researchers working on a wide range of fields that address how music is perceived, represented and generated from different perspectives: neuroscience, musicology, psychology, cognitive science, music education, and music performance.

Organizing Committee

Anna Rita Addessi Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna, Italy (Representative of ESCOM)
Nicola Di Stefano Università Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, (Secretary)
Marta Rizzonelli Humboldt-Universität, Berlin (Communication)
Enrico Cupellini Università La Sapienza, Roma (Website manager)
Sandra Fortuna Ghent University, Conservatorio Frosinone (Website manager)

Founding Members

Erica Bisesi – KTH-Royal Institut of Technology, Sweden
Leonardo Bonetti – Aarhus University, Denmark
Elvira Brattico – Aarhus University, Denmark
Giusy Caruso – Ghent University, Belgium
Enrico Cupellini – Università “La Sapienza”, Roma
Sara D’Amario – University of York, UK
Alessandro Dell’Anna – Ghent University, Belgium; Università di Torino, Italy
Nicola Di Stefano – Università Campus Bio-Medico, Roma, Italy
Giulia Donati – Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna, Italy
Sandra Fortuna – Ghent University, Belgium; Conservatorio “L. Refice”, Frosinone, Italy
Valerio Lorenzoni – Ghent University, Belgium
Monserrat Olavarria Balmaceda – Conservatorio “L. Refice”, Frosinone, Italy
Marta Rizzonelli – Humboldt University, Germany

Contact us       info@escom-italy.org